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The Entrepreneur: Risk and Reward
Eligible media: Visual art submitted as a digital image (Works of text, video, or audio are not eligible)
Entry Period: July 18 - September 30
Finalist Selection: October 1-15
Public Voting: October 20 - November 23
Winner Announcement: December 10, 2016

Cash Prizes

Submit your artwork for a chance to win cash prizes! Once voting has concluded, the first place winner will receive $5,000, second place winner will receive $2,500 and the third place winner will receive $1,000.

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Ayn Rand and art: Our purpose

Artists project—and viewers respond to—a re-creation of reality: a view of reality informed by their beliefs and values. Though Ayn Rand is revered—and reviled—as an intellectual, a writer, and a philosopher, she was, above all, an artist. She used art to illuminate human potential, to light the path forward, and to lead the way.

Today, the moral ideals of reason, achievement, and individualism are in danger of being lost, with dire consequences for a free society. Ayn Rand conveyed those ideals brilliantly in her novels, but they must be renewed in every generation through the imagination and talent of artists who, like Rand, can lead the way.

To foster this renewal, we at the Atlas Society—a 25-year-old think tank devoted to the philosophy of Objectivism—will leverage the power of art to inspire, surprise, delight, and provoke in order to introduce a new generation to the values contained in Rand’s works. We invite artists of all types—whether painters, sculptors, cartoonists, or photographers—to represent their own take on these crucial values in visually arresting, engaging, and alluring new ways.

At the end of the entry period, our notable panel of judges will select 20 finalists. Cash-prize winners will then be selected by public vote.

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Meet The Judges

Sabin Howard

Sabin Howard, sculptor

Sabin is an internationally renowned classical figurative sculptor and board member of the National Sculpture Society. He was selected as the official sculptor for the World War I Memorial in our nation’s capital. "My mission in life is to promote a more uplifting approach to art—one that highlights the heroic and inspires what is best in man," says Howard.
Agnieszka Pilat

Agnieszka Pilat, painter

Born and raised in Poland, Agnieszka moved to the US in 2001 and graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a B.F.A. She pursues a career in fine art painting while simultaneously working on a graphic novel. Agnieszka is continuing her art education at Justin Hess Atelier in San Francisco and her work can be found in private collections in the United States and in Poland.
Judd Weiss

Judd Weiss, photographer

Judd Weiss is a professional photographer and the best-known photographer of the liberty movement. He recently ran as VP on John McAfee's high-profile presidential campaign, which made use of remarkable imagery. Weiss is a writer and serial entrepreneur who enjoys helping others discover their inner heroic achiever.
Michael Newberry

Michael Newberry, painter

Michael grew up on the beach in Southern California and started painting at 11 years old. Luck and grit enabled him to paint every day since. He has shown in Athens, Rome, The Hague, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Rhodes, and Santa Monica. One of his most famous collectors is designer Chan Luu.