Ayn Rand as an artist: interview with Atlas Art Contest judge Judd Weiss. Recorded at Scorpiesse with Atlas Society CEO Jennifer Grossman. 
  Every day Google updates its homepage logo with different illustrations—a creative signature now known as the Google Doodle—to honor holidays, events and people who shape the world. Recently “doodled” are a cadre of extraordinary women, many of them quite obscure.
Editor's Note: Sculptor Sabin Howard is a juror for our Atlas Art Contest. Find out how you can gain recognition by entering this exciting contest.  Powerful, larger-than-life nude sculptures; World War I uniforms hanging from a pipe; plaster dust, clay models, pencils, couches and books. To walk into Sabin Howard’s Bronx studio is to enter the workshop of a master sculptor who is also a relentlessly hustling, entrepreneurial artist. 
While friends and family often compliment my artwork by commenting on my natural talent, people in the artistic community generally avoid that type of praise. Instead, peers evaluate my work by simply stating how good it is, which better credits the hard work I have done. 
Atlas Society CEO Jennifer Anju Grossman was a keynote speaker at this year's FreedomFest, the world's premier libertarian conference held annually in Las Vegas.