THE ATLAS ART CONTEST OFFICIAL RULES PURPOSE: Art has a persuasive power like no other form of human communication. Artists project—and viewers respond to—a re-creation of reality: an imagined reality informed by our beliefs, values, and emotions. Though Ayn Rand is revered—and reviled—as an intellectual, a writer, and a philosopher, she was, above all, an artist. Through her drama, she projected a romantic vision of a different world—a world in which heroic men and women struggled against and ultimately triumphed over immense obstacles. She used art to portray people not as they are but as they could be: to illuminate human potential, to light the path forward, and to lead the way. Rand observed that a moral ideal is "almost impossible to communicate without the assistance of art." Today, the moral ideals of reason, achievement, and individualism are in danger of being lost, with dire consequences for a free society. These ideals must be renewed in every generation through the imagination and talent of artists who, like Rand, can lead the way. To encourage this renewal, we at the Atlas Society—a 25-year-old think tank devoted to the philosophy of Objectivism—will invite artists to explore Ayn Rand's world of ideas in visually arresting, engaging, and alluring new ways. Painting, sculpture, cartoon, photography—entrants choose the media as they also compete for cash prizes. THIS CONTEST IS INTENDED FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER AT THE TIME OF...
Atlas Society CEO Jennifer Anju Grossman was interviewed this week by entrepreneur Steve Mariotti for The Huffington Post In "Channeling Ayn Rand: Jennifer Grossman, Feminist Libertarian Takes Helm of the Atlas Society," Mariotti gives us a glimpse of the connection he has with Grossman.  "My grandfather and Rand’s friend, Lowell B. Mason, introduced us before the end of Ayn’s life," he explains. "We developed an intellectual friendship and spent hours talking about my own life-long interest in her work — particularly in her advocacy of the use of business to help people’s lives. Despite our philosophical differences, there was no denying the power of Rand’s genius." Click here to read Jennifer's "fresh perspective on Rand’s memory, the relevance of her work in the 21st century, and even dating." 
We note in sorrow that Donald Heath died Friday, March 25, of a heart attack. He was 56. Don worked for our organization as our first director of operations, 1992-98, leaving a successful position in sales at IBM in Canada. Over the years since, he attended many of our annual Summer Seminars and Summits and was a generous friend and advisor.
Jennifer Anju Grossman is a former Senior Vice President at Dole Food Company and has spent decades helping people to live freer, healthier lives.
The Atlas Society was again a sponsor this year of the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, which attracted 600 attendees.