David Kelley on "Ayn Rand: The new wave of myths and misrepresentations about her."
Within days of having re-published Alvin Toffler's historic interview with Ayn Rand, Playboy upped the pleasure factor with this impish take on libertarianism in general and FreedomFest in particular: "Are Libertarians Crazy Cultists Who Should Be Drowned? Playboy Investigates."
We're pleased to announce that we have published a second edition of The Literary Art of Ayn Rand. The first edition of Literary Art grew out of a set of remarkable lectures delivered at our annual conference. This second edition is supplemented with content that was created at a later date for our other print publications. 
In 1998, The Atlas Society launched the Objectivist Studies series of monographs with the first two: “Rationality and the Psychology of Abstraction” by cognitive psychologist Kenneth Livingston; and “Evidence and Justification” by founder David Kelley.