We're very pleased to announce that David Kelley's ground-breaking treatise on epistemology, The Evidence of the Senses: A Realist Theory of Perception, is now available on Amazon as an ebook for the first time. 
David Kelley’s “A Question of Sanction” was an open letter was written in response to an article Peter Schwartz published in The Intellectual Activist in early 1989.
The Atlas Society has launched its new mobile-friendly website which features simplified navigation. Mobile traffic to our site continues to grow significantly; it has increased 82% year-to-date compared with the same period last year. We have successfully targeted the 18-34 year old demographic, which has grown rapidly and now accounts for the majority of all of our site traffic.
 The Atlas Society (TAS) offers a monthly Research Workshop online for advanced scholars. In the Research Workshop in Objectivist Philosophy, we discuss new and classic writings deepening and extending Objectivism.
The current issue of Reason Papers features a paper by Atlas Society founder David Kelley. The paper, “Happiness or Life, or Both,” is a reply to a paper by Ole Martin Moen published in a previous issue of Reason Papers. In that article, “Is Life the Ultimate Value? A Reassessment of Ayn Rand’s Ethics,” Moen argued that the ultimate value is happiness rather than life. David Kelley's paper includes a critique of that argument and an analysis of the link between life and happiness. Moen is a Norwegian scholar who participated in our 2012 Graduate Seminar, where he presented a draft of the paper. He also took part in an Atlas Society workshop last year in which participants discussed Kelley's critique. Ole Martin Moen is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in philosophy at Center for the Study of Mind in Nature, University of Oslo. Reason Papers is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal of interdisciplinary normative studies. It is edited by Carrie-Ann Biondi and Irfan Khawaja, both of whom have spoken at TAS events.