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Objectivist and libertarian communities often discuss their utopian potentialities, so the prospect of the Libertopia Festival —by its name alone—seemed a good location for The Atlas Society to reach out to attendees with information about Ayn Rand and the philosophy of Objectivism. I managed a table at the conference along with a friend, Caitlin Ewing, who helpfully gave her time.
Videos have famously lagged far behind text when it comes to searchability. Apart from the textual data associated with videos, it's been largely impossible to benefit from the many types of search engine optimization available for text I was intrigued when MIT announced in 2007 that it had developed a video search capability by using speech recognition software to create a transcript and then applying textual search. The technology was available to students wishing to search certain MIT video lectures. Since then multiple iterations of this approach have been developed, some better than others. Two years ago MIT Technology Review reported on TalkMiner, a tool that scans lecture videos for words used in presentation slides , (The tool was developed by the Fuji Xerox Palo Alto Laboratory in California.)  “It gives you a good shot at finding something that wasn’t mentioned in the title or abstract but is buried deep inside the video,” Larry Rowe, president of FXPAL, told the magazine. The need for good...
In this presentation David Kelley surveys the history and current state of the Objectivist movement. Truth and Toleration was a monograph written by Kelley in the context of a bitter schism within the movement. It was both a work of philosophy and a manifesto regarding how a healthy Objectivist movement should function.