Author's Note In  Atlas Shrugged , the hero, John Galt, makes a radio speech to the nation revealing the strike of the producers and explaining its rationale. The speech resolves the philosophical mystery of the plot: Why are the most productive people leaving their work and disappearing from society? As such, it provides a comprehensive introduction to Ayn Rand 's philosophy, though one that is tailored to the events and characters of the novel.
Explanatory Note: Scholars, students, and fans of Ayn Rand ’s masterwork, Atlas Shrugged , often find it difficult to grasp the complex details of its plot, and to find temporal reference points for key events and relationships among its many characters. For their benefit, then, I have prepared this timeline of the key events that are depicted, or alluded to, in the novel.
This selective listing includes the novel's more noteworthy characters.   Akston, Dr. Hugh
December 2004 -- Dagny Taggart shoots guns and flies airplanes. These rational survival skills exhilarate all the heroes in  Ayn Rand 's Atlas Shrugged . Because I learned to shoot and to fly as a Jewish child during World War II, I confirm that flying and shooting teach the power of the mind to surpass the body's limitations as earth-bound and as vulnerable to vicious thugs. Both flying and shooting require mental and physical discipline, preparation, practice, and bravura technique.


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