Question: What is the Objectivist position in morality (ethics)?  
Question: What does Ayn Rand mean when she describes selfishness as a virtue? 
October 2007 -- Atlas Shrugged is an extended cry against the oppression of creators, most particularly businessmen: the Atlases who bear this world on their shoulders.
Author of Plot Synopsis: Robert James Bidinotto Background Atlas Shrugged is structured in three major parts, each of which consists of ten chapters. The parts and chapters are named, and the titles typically suggest multiple layers of meaning and implication. The three parts of the book are each named in tribute to Aristotle's laws of logic.
In 1917, Bolsheviks under Lenin seized control of Russia in the famous October revolution, ending a short-lived experiment with constitutional democracy and replacing it with a one-Party socialist state. As the revolution swirled through the streets of St. Petersberg, a girl of 12 watched many of the events from the balcony of her family’s house.  That girl was Alyssa Rosenbaum, who ultimately left Russia for America and became the writer we know as Ayn Rand .


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