When Atlas Shrugged was published in October of 1957, it spoke to a world that was very different from ours, on the surface at least.
April 5, 2006 -- Governments often get their wealth-destroying, morally depraved ideas from our often misnamed institutes of "higher learning." The latest that's popping up in bulletins, newsletters, and probably soon in legislation is from a 2005 study on "The Economics of Workaholism," co-authored by Joel Slemrod of the University of Michigan and Daniel Hammermesh of the University of Texas in Austin.  
March 2007 -- The late novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand once said that she wrote her last novel, Atlas Shrugged , “to keep it from becoming prophetic." Based on recent news reports, she may not have succeeded.
One day in the 1940’s, a young reporter asked Ayn Rand about the new novel he heard that she was planning. She replied: “It will combine metaphysics, morality, economics, politics, and sex – and it will show the tie between metaphysics and economics.”
May 24, 2006 -- Norway recently lost its wealthiest citizen. No, he didn't die. Rather, he left or, to be more accurate, was driven out of the country for the sin of wanting to remain wealthy.  


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