Atlas Shrugged as Literature

Find out how Ayn Rand "used the simple formula of a detective story to create a highly complex philosophical novel – a novel where ideas are presented as answers to the mysterious events."

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Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand's Philosophical Stunt Novel

Atlas Shrugged: simply the finest combination of serious ideas and artistic mojo.

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An overview and analysis of the plot and essential themes of Atlas Shrugged Part II, in relation to the movie, Atlas Shrugged Part II

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Plot Synopsis of Atlas Shrugged

How well do you know the storyline of Atlas Shrugged?

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Outline of John Galt's Speech

This outline will aid those who wish to understand the speech, whether as a statement of Rand's philosophical ideas or as a literary element in her novel.

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Cast of characters

This selective listing includes the novel's more noteworthy characters.

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Atlas Shrugged timeline

Scholars, students, and fans of Ayn Rand’s masterwork, Atlas Shrugged, often find it difficult to grasp the complex details of its plot, and to find temporal reference points for key events and relationships among its many characters. For their benefit, then, award-winning author Robert James Bidinotto prepared this timeline of the key events that are depicted, or alluded to, in the novel. It’s meant to serve as a reference for readers who wish to understand or recall the story line, and it may also help them appreciate the remarkable logical integration of the novel’s plot structure.

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