Mission and Vision

Founded in 1990, The Atlas Society’s mission is to share with a new generation Ayn Rand’s message that reason, individualism, achievement, benevolence, and ethical self-interest are the moral foundations for political liberty, personal happiness, and a flourishing society.

Young people are consuming content in radically new ways. That is why in 2016 The Atlas Society launched an across-the-board multimedia effort to fight collectivism on moral grounds and in wildly creative ways that connect with the under-25 crowd. Our videos, social media, activism materials, and comics don’t fight collectivism by brandishing facts alone –– but by firing the imagination and connecting liberty to personal ethics.

The Atlas Society has been virtually organized for years, with a distributed team working collaboratively via communication and project management technologies. Our small size and entrepreneurial, iterative approach to advancing ideas in new formats to new audiences means that we are positioned to take risks, fail fast, learn faster, and scale.

The Atlas Society has significantly grown and diversified our programs to become one of the most influential nationwide forces for advancing the key principles of individualism, reason, and liberty. We are reminded of the importance of our work by testimonials from the students we reach, like Hector Pimienta, an Atlas Advocate at California State San Bernardino who shared “One of my high school teachers was an altruist who thought that success and money were evil, so she hated Ayn Rand. I decided to investigate for myself, and found that Ayn Rand explained how money and success really work. My family was poor, and when I was growing up we sometimes had trouble making ends meet. But I still believe in Capitalism, which offers people the best chance. I was fortunate to work with an Objectivist professor in college who helped me ignore what the majority of professors were saying about equality. I’m doing great. I’m about to graduate without any student debt. This is a great country. I’m glad that I read Ayn Rand.”

How You Can Help

Ayn Rand helped spark a fire in each of us that has warmed us during our darkest days, shed light on the path forward during difficult transitions, and illuminated a future of heroic possibilities. Do you remember her appeal to each of us not to let that fire go out, “spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all?

If so then let’s heed her calling today – to recommit to the hero in our own souls and to inspire the next generation of Dagny Taggarts, Hank Reardens, Howard Roarks, and John Galts to believe in the truth that the world they desire can be won. And let’s help them win it.

It is people like you, across the nation, motivated by the honorable mission of spreading the ideas of liberty to young people, that are paving the way for future generations and leaving a legacy for the youth of America. Thank you for partnering with The Atlas Society today.


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As a nonprofit organization since 1990, The Atlas Society depends on contributions from individuals who support its mission. We are a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  All contributions are tax-deductible in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. We will provide tax receipts for all contributions.

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