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My name is Jennifer Anju Grossman, and I’m the CEO at The Atlas Society. You can connect with me on Twitter at @JenAnjuGrossman 

This section of our site isn’t just for students, but for all young adults who work toward a better future and want to make the most of their life. You might be a freshman college dropout launching a start-up. Or you might be a long-range trucker studying online to become a Ruby programmer. 

The ideas of Objectivism will help you to understand your world, define your purpose, choose your values, and live your life to the fullest. They will help you understand your career in a context of moral capitalism. 

Here are some key opportunities for you: 

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We offer scholarships to qualifying young adults to attend our annual summer conference. Sign up for our email updates to receive scholarship updates and other opportunities for students. The Summit is a “Galt’s Gulch” experience with fascinating discussions and presentations covering the gamut from philosophy to cognitive science, the frontier of tech, U.S. political crises, psychology, self-improvement, and the arts. The Atlas Summit is a great way to connect with other independent thinkers.

Atlas University 
Start at the Launchpad where you’ll be i
ntroduced to Ayn Rand and her ideas. Then progress through Objectivism 101, and beyond. 

Liberty Forum and the International Students for Liberty conferences
Atlas Society staff are presenters at these events. And students hosted by The Atlas Society can learn about both Objectivism and the ideas of libertarianism there. Read about the experiences of scholarship recipients, here

Ayn Rand wrote in 1964 that

A central purpose serves to integrate all the other concerns of a man’s life. It establishes the hierarchy, the relative importance, of his values, it saves him from pointless inner conflicts, it permits him to enjoy life on a wide scale and to carry that enjoyment into any area open to his mind.” (The Objectivist Ethics)​

So what are you waiting for? Join the conversation. Send your questions or suggestions to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sign up for our email updates so you can receive student-specific announcements. And join our communities on Facebook and Twitter. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


Jennifer A. Grossman

About The Author:

Jennifer Anju Grossman is the CEO of the Atlas Society.
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