atlas summit studentsWe appreciate how our donors have enabled us to progress on several key fronts online. Here are just a few of the accomplishments that you've made possible: 

  • In 2015 we successfully targeted the 18-24 and 25-34 demographic, with the 18-24 year olds making up the majority of our traffic, and the combined 18-44 range dominating all traffic. We have maintained that balance throughout 2016 and are extending our reach to young adults. 

  • Our renewed emphasis on social media has led to a doubling of Facebook followers this year; but more importantly the recent campaign surrounding our "Ayn Rand: Draw My Life" video has yielded high engagement (commenting, sharing, and "likes" of the video) and is contributing to growth of our community.

  • The "Ayn Rand: Draw My Life" video has garnered over 550,000 views.

  • A campaign centered on the classic Mike Wallace interview with Ayn Rand has led to high engagement and over 200,000 views in a short period of time. 

  • We launched the Atlas Society Instagram channel which is experiencing impressive and rapid growth. 

  • Total traffic coming to our site from all social media is up 333% over last year.

Student partnership with Turning Point USA 

In keeping with our emphasis on reaching the next generation of leaders, we just announced an exciting new partnership with Turning Point USA. The Atlas Society and Turning Point will hold screenings of the Atlas Shrugged movies on 77+ campuses in early 2017. 

"We're thrilled to work with such an energized network of student activists," said Jennifer Anju Grossman, CEO of The Atlas Society. "Turning Point is reintroducing the next generation of citizens to the moral foundations of our free-market, civil society, and the epic adventure of Atlas Shrugged is the perfect vehicle."

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Students for Liberty partnership exploration

The Atlas Society has also been invited to enter into planning discussions with Students for Liberty (SFL) on a exciting new initiative to provide an introductory course on Objectivism to summittheir large following via their highly trafficked online education platform. We'll keep you informed on the details of this compelling program. 

"It's a thrill to work with SFL," said William R Thomas, Director of Programs for The Atlas Society.  "I'm psyched to think that we may in a few months be able to reach thousands of students with the liberty-supporting ideas of Objectivism. Of course, the planning is still in early stages, and the details, content, and even the timing are uncertain still. But the possibility is exciting."

The Atlas Society has from its founding been deeply engaged with students including launching various scholarship programs to bring students from around the world to The Atlas Summit, our annual conference on the philosophy. For many years TAS has also awarded graduate academic scholarships to top students. Our rigorous Graduate Seminars and our Research Workshops have provided training and intellectual forums for dozens of young scholars.

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Our 7-year history with Students For Liberty has seen our involvement grow with their regional and international conferences, expanding the reach of Objectivism. 

And our Atlas Society website continues to attract tens of thousands of engaged young adults to its introductory pages on Objectivism and Rand's life and thought. We're already well past 1 million visitors this year to all of our digital properties and our "loyal" repeat users are growing in number. sabin3

The Atlas Art Contest

Our massive campaign to reach 200,000+ artists directly, one-on-one, to invite them to enter our Atlas Art Contest is wrapping up. If you haven't heard of the Atlas Art Contest, we invite you to visit the page and learn about the contest, its theme ("The Entrepreneur: Risk and Reward") and the jurors.

We're honored to have renowned sculptor Sabin Howard on our juror team (view one of his statues at right). We salute Sabin's description of his mission: "My mission in life is to promote a more uplifting approach to art—one that highlights the heroic and inspires what is best in man."

Don't miss Steve Mariotti's sweeping behind-the-scenes tour of Sabin's work and his fascinating interview with the sculptor.

Please share the Atlas Art Contest page with friends and artists you may know. 

And again, we deeply appreciate what our donors and trustees have made possible.  


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