A collaboration between David Kelley and William R Thomas, based on a series of lectures originally composed by Dr. Kelley, The Logical Structure of Objectivism  traces out the logical connections among the various principles of Objectivism . It uses an argument diagramming technique featured in Dr. Kelley's logic text, The Art of Reasoning, to show relations within the system and to highlight the dependence, at every point in the philosophy, on factual evidence.

The book is meant to provide students of Objectivism with a road-map to the system, and to provide interested intellectuals with a clear and comprehensible exposition of this distinctive philosophic perspective.

In 1999, William R Thomas offered a course based on this project at The Atlas Society's Summer Seminar at University of Vermont in Burlington. He also discussed, along with Dr. Kelley, the methodology of the project at the first annual Advanced Seminar held there. For those lectures, the authors prepared a draft of the book, dubbed the "Beta" version, and offered it for comments to a limited number of students and scholars.

The Logical Structure of Objectivism is subject to revision by Kelley and Thomas.

Download> The complete Logical Structure of Objectivism 

(276 pages, PDF format) 

Download> LSO Beta "Big Diagram": an intergrated diagram of the argument structure of Objectivism (companion to the LSO Beta text)

Excerpt from diagram:

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